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Tips on caring for linens

  1. New bedding before first use is recommended to wash. This will ensure maximum comfort during the further use of linen.
  2. Before washing, if possible, bed linen turn on the wrong side. Use a washing powder with a minimum content of whitening ingredients. This will allow you to permanently preserve the rich color original painting on linen.
  3. Before washing you need to distribute linen by colour and temperature regime.
  4. If the product (bedding or bath accessories) is a decorative element, it is recommended to wash them together.
  5. It is not recommended to wash bed linen from natural fabrics, together with products from polyester. This leads to the fact that polyester fibers cling to natural fibers and linen loses tenderness and gentleness.
  6. On linen the stains before washing should be treated in accordance with the recommendations for the care of this type of products.
  7. Do not use bleach, which negatively acts on colour and fabric.
  8. The drum of the washing machine should be filled to 50%. This will provide an effective careful washing, easy rinsing and wringing linen.
  9. Dry the linen immediately after washing.
  10. In the case of using the machine drying to the delicate mode.
  11. New bedding of fine, natural fabrics during washing may wrinkle, to avoid these troubles should adhere strictly to the delicate wash cycle at a temperature of 30-40C, 400-600 rpm. With regular use linen becomes softer and creates less creases.
  12. To iron linen slightly damp, this will ensure easy and thorough smoothing.
  13. Embroidery must be ironed on the reverse side.
  14. All products are made from natural fabrics can give a little shrinkage after washing, 2% to 6%.
  15. It is important always to follow the care guidelines given on the label, paying attention to all the characters.
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